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    Corey Altis
    Mar 1, 2024

    Hi All,

    gauging some input here in regards to cold calling.

    Does any one experience when cold calling they get to the part of asking for the correct person ‘Hi are you in charge of’ and then they say yes or connect you to the right person, you then go onto ask your break questions and they ask who is this? when you reveal they respond with ‘oh just send me an email’ or ‘now is not a good time’ seeking advice on how to get around this and maximizing full opportunity, happening only of late this issue.


    Will Barron
    Mar 6, 2024
    Will Barron Mar 6, 2024

    Hey Corey, two things to think about –

    Why are they fobbing you off?

    When you respond to “who is this” are you sharing a value proposition that builds enough curiosity where the buyer thinks “ah, OK, I should probably hear this dude out…” or “this is a sales call, I’m off…”.

    It might be that we need to work on that messaging.

    Objection handing

    Improving your value prop will dramatically reduce these objections but you’ll still get them. So we should put some strategy in place to deal with them.

    You can call out the objection ahead of time on the call –

    “Most people don’t have time to dig into this when I speak with them on these calls. That’s no problem, can I ask 2 questions, I can then drop you an email with more info?”

    This buys you another 2 questions build the curiosity and book the meeting without falling back to the email.

    Also –

    “No worries, I think we can help you solve X. If we could do that, when would be a good time to jump on a quick call to make sure that this is a good fit?”

    happening only of late this issue.

    Finally, if this is only a recent thing, have you changed the way you do you calls? Have you got the script down and so your tonality is now boring the prospect or sounding salesly? What else has changed in either you or the market?

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