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    Cold Call Script Reveiw
    Sep 14, 2023

    Hi Fam,

    Can you please give me some input on this script?


    Here’s an editable version https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jl7qWN6yTljl6A2DJFLEm6h2PYMSlEO0M11kodXI8DE/edit?usp=sharing


    Cold Call Script – Patient Copay Assistance


    Prospect: “Yes, speaking.”


    Salesperson: “Hi Dr. X, this is just Travis Enfield here. I was wondering if you could possibly help me with something?”


    Prospect: “Certainly, how can I assist?”


    Salesperson: “I’m not sure if you’re the right person to discuss this with, but I wanted to see if you might be open to exploring an accelerated patient assistance program that covers your patient’s medication copays.” 


    Prospect: “Who are you with again? What’s this about?”



    “My apologies, I’m with {{My Company}}, a medical non-profit.  You know how many patients are struggling with the rising costs of medications and other services, and they’re concerned about being able to continue paying for their medications?

    Well, we are medical non-profit that has qualified for a federal grant from the CDC that allows us to partner with medical clinics and cover the copay costs for all of their patient’s medications.  


    Your patients get their meds covered and there’s no out-of-pocket cost for your office, is that something of interest?


    Prospect: “Possibly”



    Who would I speak to about strategic partnership?


    Prospect (Strategic partnership person or Office Manager): How does it work?


    Salesperson: We have a network of pharmacies across the country as part of this grant and we would re-route your patient’s medications to one of those pharmacies, allowing us to cover your patient’s medication copay.  

    As you’re aware, $20-40 per month, per prescription can easily add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year and help your patients get the medications they need.


    Prospect: What’s the catch?


    Salesperson: Isn’t it a shame that that’s everyone’s first question?  To remain compliant as a partner, you simply need do XYZ – which we also cover the cost of.  You’ll then be entitled to additional benefits beyond copay coverage.  


    Prospect: What benefits?


    Salesperson: Great question, your patients in the accelerated assistance program  receive complimentary transportation to your office and free insurance gap coverage. The benefit to your office is that you would be entitled to heavy discounts of 20-40% on all of your buy-and-bill medication purchases, compared to traditional GPO and tiered pricing models. 

    This includes infusion medications and has been very popular with our partner clinics – often saving them $100s of thousands or even millions of dollars each month, depending on their size.


    All of this is at zero cost to your office – you simply need to do XYZ – which we also cover the cost of. 


    The bottom line is a huge boost in patient satisfaction, patient outcomes and your office’s profit margins – which helps continue offering a superior level of care to your patients.


    How does that sound?


    Would it make sense to schedule a quick call to discuss the details of the grant?


    To Do: Set up a meeting our medical director and VP to discuss the program detail. 


    Salesperson Questions:

    Do you have a copay assistance program?

    Would your patients benefit from one?

    How would that help your office?

    Do you offer transportation assistance or insurance gap coverage?


    What are the primary medications you’re infusing?

    Who is your current wholesale distributor?

    Do you have any discount programs in place?

    What’s your estimated rough monthly spend?

    Are you happy with your current buy-and-bill spend?

    Are you seeing increased prices

    Is there any margin in the budget

    Do you have have stress

    What would you do if you had an additional 200k per month? 



    Deep dive on benefits:

    1.   Free Medications for Patients: $0 cost copay on patient medications.  We have a network of local, partner pharmacies that allows us to completely cover your patient’s copays and even deliver the medications to their front door, free of charge.  They simply need to have their medications sent to one of our many partner pharmacy. We cover their copay and they can even have the medications delivered for free to their doorstep. This is particularly valuable for patients on fixed income or with transportation issues.  
    2.   Transportation: For those patients with mobility issues or for whom transportation  is not readily accessible, we’ll cover their costs to get to your office for appointments and infusions via uber codes 
    3.   Insurance Gap Coverage: In certain cases when patients are laid off, have lost a job or lost their insurance, we will cover their premiums. Over the last year, we’ve covered over a million in pt copays.

    Discounted Buy-and-Bill medication acquisition pricing:  The grant enables us to provide heavy discounts on all buy-and-bill medications for in office dispensing, including infusion medications.  Our partners save an average of 20-40% on their acquisition cost compared to traditional GPO and/or tiered pricing.

    Will Barron
    Sep 15, 2023
    Will Barron Sep 15, 2023

    Salesperson: “Hi Dr. X, this is just Travis Enfield here. I was wondering if you could possibly help me with something?”

    I typically prefare confirming that they’re the right person to speak about the topic before announcing that essentially this is a cold sales call –

    “Are you the best person to speak to about X?”

    but I wanted to see if you might be open to exploring an accelerated patient assistance program that covers your patient’s medication copays.”

    Start with the value –

    “Not sure if you’re the right person, we’ve been given a grant from the CDC and can reduce X by Y. Is that something that you’d deal with”?

    The rest of it looks great. It’d kinda hard to give feedback that deep into a call as who knows what will happen in reality.

    One thing to bare in mind though, the only goal of a cold call is to generate a meeting. Don’t feel you need to explain the ins and outs of the service.

    Most of the time you shouldn’t!

    Get the call booked in.

    RE salesperson questions –

    • Dive into the consequences of those questions. I.e. “Are you seeing increased prices?”, “what does that mean for margins/staffing/options/stress etc”
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