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    Buyer profile example – Please advise if on right track?
    Troy Boschma
    Mar 14, 2022


    I am in media sales working with media buying agencies. Below is one of the main profiles I have identified. I am looking for feedback and if this is on the right track? See below:

    Buyer 1: Group Investment/trading director
    A senior role, may work on specific accounts but typically not especially day-to-day. Very data driven to remove risk in their role.


    Reviews all inputted data from trading teams that has been collated from media providers briefed.
    Proving competence that will be presented to the client that the media strategy put forward will meet the objectives and goals of the campaign
    Ensure the media partners they select deliver elimination of risk that campaign would fail and the client will question their effectiveness to plan and execute the media strategy – Fear of losing the account and their position.
    They are feeling accomplished when the campaign is executed with media partners with little stress and input from them.


    Required Perk the media partner to meet the brief clearly by backing up with compelling reason as to why the buyer included the media partner in the brief to make it easier for them to recommend the format to client without a large justification from them having to show value to the client. Requirement to be made to look like the hero.
    Require Perk is having adequate reporting for planning and post campaign showing audience data to demonstrate the value through data they can use.
    Expected Perks is the media partners they work with will over-deliver on campaign in value for the client – ie.: Extra additional display at no extra cost. If they can’t get additional value included this can be a dealbreaker for them as their objective is to maximise the spend across the broadest campaign area or time. They need to be seen as getting the best deal for the client with maximum value.
    Desired Perks is preparing a presentation that is easy to understand and use to present to the client to save them time and effort when compiling their presentation.
    Unexpected perk easy processes from proposal to booking to delivery to post campaign reporting. Minimal work loads and impact on their day.


    Too many meetings – especially virtually – Very taxing on their time and hard for them to stay on schedule.
    Is very time poor as client demands have become very volatile and very short-sighted. Frustration as clients change plans frequently and quickly.
    Expected to provide data rich quick responses to clients in short turn around periods but often with the short-term client demands these responses from media partners cut it very close to deadline to have back to client adding to longer out of work hours compiling the details for the presentation.


    Be great to get your feedback and if required, recommended points for improvement or other things to think about.


    Troy Boschma
    Mar 14, 2022
    Troy Boschma Mar 14, 2022

    Here is my value proposition draft.

    We are Brisbane CBD’s only premium, high-impact dual digital billboards that are located at a high activity funnel-point location Brisbane.

    Our mission is to help media buyers and their clients reduce the risk that their campaigns are not seen in the cluttered Brisbane marketplace by enabling brands to execute on a uniquely creative solution that is more memorable at one of Brisbane’s most pivotal positions.

    Will Barron
    Mar 15, 2022
    Will Barron Mar 15, 2022

    Hey Troy,


    This looks pretty good. You’re drilling down into the emotional side of things which is what most salespeople miss.

    I’d go through it again, edit it down and see how many words/sentences you can remove. Lets get the jobs, perks and strains concise and crisp.

    Value prop

    Simplify this.

    I don’t care about “your mission”. I care about what I’m going to get.

    Something like –

    “We help trading directors reduce the risk of their campaigns by making each impression measurably memorable”.

    You should be able to read your value prop out loud, to a prospect, without sounding weird.

    Does that make sense?

    Troy Boschma
    Mar 25, 2022
    Troy Boschma Mar 25, 2022

    Thanks, Will. I will review and update. This stuff is great. It is really sales training that I was never given in my 25+ years of selling advertising. Really is helping my business accruement.

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