Brian Nord
Feb 12, 2024
Brian Nord Feb 12, 2024

Here is the email I am going to send:

I sent it to myself and it read well on my phone and in my desktop..

Ok we will see how it goes……

Subject: Hire wisely?

Hi Julian,

Recommerce- I am all in. Thanks for being someone who is about making a big difference.

We help tech start-up founders place the right software/data engineers, data scientists, and other critical roles on their teams.

We recently helped our client fix their issues with engineering while wisely using their seed funding.

We found them the outstanding end-to-end data engineer they needed – fast.

With her precise technical skills crucial to the role, she quickly designed a new software for  their needs and fixed the bigger problem my client wasn’t even aware of!

Engineering is not something they are “making due” with anymore, in fact it’s breathing life into their growth.

Would it make sense to jump on a quick call and see if I can help you?