Brian Nord
Feb 9, 2024
Brian Nord Feb 9, 2024

Regarding terminology- we don’t have any in my new company, and so I just want your feedback.

Context for my question: For 20 years I worked like this (drilled in me) selling courses B2C.

Contact (1st time speaking to someone)
After speaking to them the were 1 of 4 categories.
1 Signed-Up
2 Lead: Someone who is 75% chance of signing up, working out logistics (not money)
3 Follow-Up: someone considering, looking, not a yes, not a no or Money is their issue.
4 No: They are thanked for their time and appreciated for considering. Maybe a postcard/email sent as a thank you.

Contacts came from referrals:
Built a lot of relationships with people who referred.

I always knew my ratio which was for every 5 contacts 1 person would sign up. It would go up and down and then I would adjust. Up meant I needed to role-play or maybe I wasn’t fully listening. Ratio went Down wasn’t always good because it could mean I got a windfall from a corporate client or something but not necessarily sustainable.

My game was always: do the right # of contacts; get the right #of leads – if I did that I would hit my weekly and quarterly targets. I was a mother%41er that me and my team would do this.  managed a lead log which I was vigilant about and new all the next actions etc.

Typically my leads would convert about 75% of the time .
Questions the B2B sales system;

When you say “Add to cadence” – that is a prospect that fits your ICP. When you say add, does that mean you sent the first email or contact etc?

What is a sales qualified lead, marketing qualified lead, etc, or just a straight-up lead? Is this just any name you are given? I don’t think lead means as much in this world as it did in my old one.

Is a pipeline filled with qualified people, is it people you spoke with that could get triggered?

In my role – I will get job orders- they sign our contact, then the recruiters will fill the role- what do I call these- “deals”?

When someone sets a diagnosis meeting and they are still working some things out- what do you call that?

Are there any other terms so I am clear what how to know the flow or the gestation from initially reaching-out all the way to when the person gets hired and we get paid?