Will Barron
Jan 26, 2024
Will Barron Jan 26, 2024

I help fleet managers improve operational efficiency and decrease emissions, by replacing vans with eCargo bikes in the last mile.

Nice. Very succinct.

My only thought – Do fleet managers have the budget to make a purchase decision? If not then I’d be position the value prop for the person with power.

I help COO’s hit their corporate goals of reducing carbon footprints and improving logical efficiencies by optimizing the last mile of their transport chain.

We help fleet managers improve efficiency in the last mile while decreasing emissions. This boosts operational performance and raises your brand image. Unlike vans that pollute, cause jams, and are impossible to park.

Good! Same question as with the previous value prop. You’ve nailed these though.

Question: should I weave in fact that EAV won the International Cargo Bike of the Year award in 2023 at the IAA Mobility show in Munich?

We covered this on our one-on-one. Ask yourself, “does the buyer give a shit” :).