Will Barron
Jan 26, 2024
Will Barron Jan 26, 2024

A major ICP is a fleet manager or fleet development manager running a fleet of delivery or other vehicles operating in urban areas (last mile), preferably across multiple sites or cities.

A Major ICP is typically the person who can sign off the deal. Does this not have to go further up the food chain to be signed off?

They will be interested in increasing their operational efficiencies while decreasing their carbon footprint.

Is there any current market forces that can be tide to increasing operational efficiencies?

i.e. A company who is growing to NEEDS to increase opp efficiency is a much stronger ICP.

Similarly with the carbon footprint. Is there legislation that people HAVE to move towards or is this something that is being done for PR?

Major pain points include dealing with traffic congestion and parking restrictions, which limit operational efficiencies, and high cost of storing vehicles in the city due to high real estate prices.

Do these companies have data on these inefficiencies? i.e. so you can say “we can reduce X by Y for Z company?”

Typically centres on needing a trial / demo bike before moving forwards. This is a pain as takes time to organise and implement as we have a limited trial fleet available.

Question for you – What would need to happen (case studies, wider adoption etc) for prospects to buy multiple units without trialing them?

That is a useful thought experiment. If it’s something that can be created/built then start building.