Will Barron
Jan 22, 2024
Will Barron Jan 22, 2024

Hey Jono, Sorry I read your email this morning before I got round to this post. Ignore my email reply, this now makes sense.

Yes, the PDF you sent me is a little cluttered and it took me a few minutes to understand the metrics.

The value that you can offer to the prospect is to jump on a quick call where you present the numbers, rather than them trying to decipher them themselves. Which from the sound of things they’re not bothering with anyway.

~ meant to add – left out the part about the ‘buying process’ – couldn’t see how to fit this in without it feeling forced / clumsy

The buying process review is really only needed if you’re proactively trying to sell the account. This will discourage them from price shopping your upsell offer.

Otherwise, there are a few formatting issues and typos in the doc but I think you’ve done a great job here.

Is there an obvious next step to upsell the people who are going to get this report/call?

From the report itself, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious “You are here, the next step is here. We’ve proven we can move the needle, does it make sense to start moving towards your next goal?”