Will Barron
Jan 4, 2024
Will Barron Jan 4, 2024

Good start here but it’s worth going a little deeper for each of your desire outcomes.

For each of them, note “why would the buyer give a shit” and go a layer deeper.

For example –

“competitive edge”

  • Why? Because they’re worried about a new competitor in the market place.
  • Why? The new competitor might effect their job security.
  • Why? It’s difficult to find other roles in this industry as its so specialized.

With that in mind, your prospecting outreach and communication on calls can look at the idea that your tool makes them stand out and increases their job security. This is important for people like [job title] as the job market place is so volatile at the moment.

You don’t have to spend too much time here but it’s important to understand the desires at the levels of –

  • The people you’re engaging with – Financial security, ego, job security, career progression etc
  • The company you’re engaging with – ROI on spend, reduction in litigation risk, social impact (from a marketing ROI perspective) etc.