Will Barron
Dec 18, 2023
Will Barron Dec 18, 2023

I hear you Tom. Every time I hear R2R it’s someone selling a get rich quick scheme to become “financially free”.

Couple of things –

  • Is it literally company policy not to do R2R? In which case you need to speak to leadership and not the minions. They’ll be open to ideas and not be closed minded on current policy.
  • Do you have a proven track record (video testimonials, case studies etc)? That becomes part of your objection handling. “OK, I get that a lot. If I could show you a webpage with 100 agents all giving glowing video reviews, would that get a quick call booked in?”
  • It’s going to be harder to get hold of directors/leadership. Their time is more valuable. If you can build a value prop around what they get out of the deal rather than what agents get, then you’ll book meetings much easier.

All of that is pretty high level. If you have any specific objections or things blocking you from booking meetings with more senior people let me know and I’ll take a look.