Janak Ramul
Dec 14, 2023
Janak Ramul Dec 14, 2023

Will, thanks again for taking the time. Pls see below

a) https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Email-Deliverability/Using-Hubspot-sequences-for-cold-email-prospecting/m-p/27098

we are not sending spammy email, an email that is sent is something like the below.


The work at SVCF led me to your LinkedIn post and it captured my attention. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, such a unique perspective of commending the team and the other latina who inspired you!

The reason for this email is that we partner with …leaders in non-profits (Association of American Medical Colleges, Water Environment Federation, Elizabeth ) in <product, offerings>. Are there any <context> challenges that we can help in anyway?

I get your point on SEO, agree 100% but have to create some inbound funnel on the web. Referrals are maxed out, we have asked everyone one of our clients and do so softly ever so often.  I may have misrepresented about the hustle and grind, you can see above the graft and grind- the point was that the reply rate after a few tries and with LinkedIn(above ave social selling score) its 5%.