Frederik Caspersen
Nov 27, 2023
Frederik Caspersen Nov 27, 2023

Hey Wil,

Thanks for your reply.

These are big institutions that I am dealing with and I am fairly sure that I talking with the right persona (project leaders needing freelancers to staff their projects).

The buyer does want the external resources, but unfortunately our service is a commodity and pretty much any agency can provide the service.

As for qualifying the prospect, i might not be as thorough as you outline in your booklet. What seems to always be a major reoccuring issue is the lack of urgency and until they finally need the support one is either lucky to get the timing right or is too late.

Selfish as it might seem to want the sale, i am having a hard time stay present with prospects (email with industry updates, case studies, etc. -> providing value) and end up being pushy to schedule a follow-up call with reluctant prospects to ensure I am getting the timing right.

Any ideas how to better approach this issue?

Do I need more trust with prospects to get them to reach out to me?

How do I provide more value to prospects to want to do business with me?

Appreciate the work you do one here for all of us! Thanks once again!