Will Barron
Nov 14, 2023
Will Barron Nov 14, 2023

For example:


It’s a daunting task to run through the countless job applications that you’ll have just got for the recently advertised New Business Developer role.

I’ve a proven track record with [X evidence] and can solve [Y problem].

Would it make sense to jump on a quick call, potentially shorten your hiring cycle and see if I’m a good fit to start generating new business at [company]?



Additional thoughts:

  • The goal isn’t to supplement your formal job application, it’s to make it redundant.
  • Sales leadership want to see someone who can hustle. Someone that can think out of the box and get the key people involved in a decision on a call.
  • They WANT you to close them. They’ll also reward you for making an effort too :).
  • Good sellers are really hard to come by (50% of sellers missed quota last year). Sales leadership know this and so they jump at the chance to connect with people who might be a good fit right now or in the not too distant future.