Will Barron
Nov 14, 2023
Will Barron Nov 14, 2023

Email Four:

Sub: Your ICP loves it – Fintech Meetup

Hi {{ contact.firstname }},

Here is what our partners said about this year’s event:

“Exceptional” – J.P. Morgan

“Enormously successful” – Fiserv

“Meetup was absolutely incredible” – Visa

“Thousands of meetings every fifteen minutes. WOW!” Peter Hazlehurst (CEO) from Synctera

“Fintech Meetup is an amazing event. Everyone I’ve spoken to can’t wait to come back” – Samantha Ku (COO) from Square

“If only all conferences were designed this way, we’d all save time and money!” – Sarah Martin (CEO) from Pulsate

“Fintech Meetup is the catalyst of connectivity in fintech” – Brian Billingsley (Co-Founder) from Basis Theory

We will execute 45,000+ meetings on-site during the conference this year alone. 

Would it make sense if I forward over our sponsorship prospectus?



Email Five:

I think at this point you need something different in your email cadence. Something that breaks the pattern of the previous emails like a one line, SMS style message.

Hi NAME – Running out of space. Worth a quick call to see how many meetings we could potentially book for you? Thanks.