Will Barron
Nov 14, 2023
Will Barron Nov 14, 2023

Hey Janak,

Thanks for setting this up, really impressed. I beleive the search feature is not working so posting this question, do point me to an earlier response if that exists

The SalesSearch tool only works for Salesman.com Academy members. I should probably hide the search box for everyone else to stop any confusion.

Just started my own consulting business, have a firms ICP and leads list but struggling with what next.

Have you read the cadence section of Selling Made Simple?

Most of the LI cold outreach with contextual messages such as “i read this about you” or ” you mentioned about that” is not yielding connections despite my profile being relatively strong.

Try and start a conversation on LinkedIn rather than using an “email style” message.

  • Enjoyed your post, how does X work?
  • I work in the same space. Ever thought about Y?

Do we do cold email but you mentioned its 1% hit?

That is the industry standard. People in the Academy program (the only other metrics I have to give you) are getting 15-25% meeting booking rate from cold outreach (full sales cadence, not just cold email).

How do I get in front of my ICP without being spammy and diluting time spent in researching each prospect?

I cover this in the Selling Made Simple book from page 72 > 158.

Everything you need to have success in cold outreach is there. If you want to speed up that process then Salesman.com Academy is the solution you’re looking for.