Will Barron
Nov 13, 2023
Will Barron Nov 13, 2023

Don’t use these verbatim, add your own spin/business acumen to them. Feel free to post again with your updated emails and I’ll take another look.

Lets start with the first four emails and see if we’re on the right tracks.


Email One:

Sub: Pre-scheduled meetings at events?

Hi {{ contact.firstname }},

It looks like you’re currently sponsoring events.

I know it can be disappointing to make an investment and then worry about the ROI and the meetings generated from it.

At Fintech Meetup we executed over 45,000 pre-scheduled meetings using our propriety program last year.

Visa said “the Meetup was absolutely incredible”.

Would it make sense to jump on a quick call and I’ll see if the meetings we can help book are a good fit for [company]?


Email Two:

Sub: “Thousands of meetings every fifteen minutes”

Hi {{ contact.firstname }},

Are you looking to book meetings with [companies/industries in prospects buyer list] with your event marketing spend?

“Thousands of meetings every fifteen minutes. WOW!” Peter Hazlehurst (CEO) from Synctera

Would it make sense if I explain how we can potentially help?


Email Three:

Sub: Expo hall limits

Hi {{ contact.firstname }},

Should I send over our current expo hall plan for you to see if this is a good fit?


Email Four:

Hi {{ contact.firstname }},

Through our tech-enabled meetings program, we will facilitate 45,000+ meetings at next years Fintech Meetup, each lasting 15 minutes, providing attendees with a quick networking opportunity.

After each meeting, participants can schedule follow-up meetings at their discretion.

This allows attendees to explore potential collaborations, saving time in transitioning conversations from Fintech Meetup to the sponsor’s sales pipeline.

Is there value in me explaining how the process works?