Will Barron
Nov 13, 2023
Will Barron Nov 13, 2023

Remember, the goal of your outreach is to book a meeting. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re not trying to explain a product or close a deal. You’ve no idea if you can help until you speak to the person.


Email One:

Hi {{first_name}},

Connecting because your email has popped up in our database of recent data leaks.


Having just worked with the Irish Gov to resolve this we might be able to help.

Would it make sense if we jumped on a quick call and I’ll explain the vulnerability?




Email Two:

Hi {{first_name}},

50% of similar Irish companies have suffered a data breach in the last year.

One in five Irish companies have fallen victim to an external attack.

You might have your IT security all wrapped up but would it make sense if I explain the potential vulnerability?




Email Three:

Take the templates I’ve given you there and start building out a few more emails.

Don’t feel like you have to have them all perfected before you start adding people to this cadence. If email one is day one and email two is day three, you now have three days to create and schedule email three and so on.