Will Barron
Nov 13, 2023
Will Barron Nov 13, 2023

I have a platform that gives access to 20k+ e-commerce businesses based in Denmark where I’m from. This is great, but usually I only have the email and phone number for customer service.

That isn’t very useful.

Do I first run a cadence to get the names, emails, and phone numbers of the decision maker?

Not a cadence, but research on LinkedIn yes.

P.S. sometimes the owner of the e-commerce company will see the customer service emails and pick up the customer service calls.

If you’re dealing with “solopreneurs” then this could work great. Otherwise, you’re still better just doing your research on Linkedin.

Remember – Right message, right person, right timing.

A message that is maybe sent to the right person, with maybe the right message (as it’s sent via customer service) is never going to drive as much action as a message that is more specific.