Will Barron
Oct 25, 2023
Will Barron Oct 25, 2023

Lets role play this on a group coaching call.

A couple of thoughts in the mean time.

Me: Hi, are you in charge of helping residents access financial support?

I’d be a little softer –

“Who is the person who handles access to residents financial support?”

“Is it your self who is in charge of…”

A) Okay great, how are your residents getting all of the financial support they are eligible for right now?

Similar to last comment, I’d be a little more chill. You’re almost baiting them to say that they’re doing a shit job.

“How is that process working for you right now?”

B) Ah that’s amazing, I don’t think I’ve had someone on these calls tell me that before, is there room for improvement?

Don’t be sarcastic :P.