David Farquharson
Oct 19, 2023
David Farquharson Oct 19, 2023
Will, just a quick question on the below copy. I always try to personalise the message in the first sentence by looking on LinkedIn/news on the prospect’s webiste etc. But it feels bit clunky when flowing into the core email.
Is this better to leave in or out?
Hey Owen,
Basildon Council seems passionate about tackling inequality with great schemes such as Find Your Active so I wanted to get in touch.
Lambeth Council struggled to help their residents find financial support because staff were expected to remember how, when and where to go for over 25 journeys across different support partners and were worried residents weren’t getting some of the £19bn of unclaimed support that they were entitled to.
So we helped to empower residents to rapidly access over £1k of funds which freed up staff time and transformed how their residents access support through a single front door.
All we did was streamline the complex process in one simple portal.
Would it make sense to have a quick call and I’ll explain if we can do the same for Basildon Council​?
Talk soon,