Will Barron
Oct 18, 2023
Will Barron Oct 18, 2023

In Australia we have had a lot of issues around data leaks, so in general people are just not open to call’s emails from people they don’t know.

Lots of people in the Salesman.com Academy program in Australia sending cold emails and having success.

If you want a “soft” approach, then I’d be adding everyone on LinkedIn and asking how they got on at the event. No selling, get a conversation going.

If you want to cold email then you’re going to follow the frameworks from Selling Made Simple to –

  • Understand your ideal customer persona
  • Create a value proposition
  • Build a cadence
  • Send cold emails

If you didn’t speak to these prospects at the event and you’re just working from a list, then this is no different to any other cold outreach campaign.

Being a sponsor of an event means practically nothing RE trust building etc unless the prospects sat through a bunch of key-notes from your org.