Will Barron
Oct 18, 2023
Will Barron Oct 18, 2023

Desire the implementation of that feature can lead to: 1. Users understand the ‘why’ behind what you need them to do, understand their role and are able to perform at the right level. 2. Everyone training in a consistent way, getting the same messaging and delivering consistent experience/ service to customers. 3. Users can see their opportunities for development, will feel supported and most likely stay with the company longer. 4. This means quicker time to competence & less time needed from your team doing in person/creating additional training.

I think you’re spot on here other than your “desires”.

Does your prospect really desire to be in a situation where “users understand the ‘why’ behind what they do”?

Or does the prospect desire to reduce the pain of having to teach the same idiots, the same things over and over again which they find absolutely soul destroying.