Will Barron
Oct 14, 2023
Will Barron Oct 14, 2023

General notes:

  • Good job! Clearly you’re a creative person and have come up with some good angles.
  • The main way to improve these is to get closer to what the prospect wants rather than the value the business gets.
  • Get these sent. Lets get some feedback from the market to make sure we’re on the right tracks.
  • I’d send the last message on day 16 rather than leave a long break here. We can then reengage the none responders in a new cadence quicker.
  • I’d still consider more personalisation to the individuals you’re messaging, especially in that first email. I bet a bunch of these folks will be active on LinkedIn and so there will be things to lean into.
  • Add everyone on LinkedIn on day 3 with your second email.