Will Barron
Oct 14, 2023
Will Barron Oct 14, 2023

Day 5 :

Looking good.

Day 8:

Subject [Name] – is delivering ROI keeping you up at night?

Shorten the subject line.

Name – ROI affecting your sleep?

We can help.

I’d go slightly softer. Until you’ve spoken to the prospect and run through the diagnosis call, it’d be a lie to say that you knowwwww you can help. After that point you can be firm with your assertion of success.

Let’s book 30m to see if it’s a good fit.

Got 30 minutes to see if this is a good fit?

Day 12:

Good email. One suggestion –

We’ve proven we can deliver against these needs with multiple customers, and made their L&D team look like superstars in the process.

Give them some proof. Do you have a web page with a list of case studies or logos? Can you insert an image with all the awesome logos that your work with?