Will Barron
Oct 14, 2023
Will Barron Oct 14, 2023

Day 2:

Subject: Can we help you get the recognition you deserve?

Subject line is slightly too long. To double check, email yourself with the subject line and see if it’s readable on your mobile.

Name – Recognition?

We’re working with X and X at the moment, delivering targeted training that is directly impacting key business KPIs and getting the L&D’s names in lights.

You’ve got a cool product. Pitching “targeted training” is generic and boring. Position it to sound sexy.

We’re currently working with X. Implemented our game-based simulations for workplace learning and got Y result.

Would you like further information on how we’ve achieved this?

This is a little weak. Remember, you’re not a pesky salesperson. You’re a consultant who can potentially add a lot of value to this org!

Would it make sense for me to quickly explain how it works?