Will Barron
Sep 25, 2023
Will Barron Sep 25, 2023

(BTW, do you think I should leverage the name “Salesforce” more in my emails for further trust and social proof? Maybe something like: “Our Salesforce clients like…”?

Do you have logos etc in your email sig? Then nah you’ll be fine without.

Navigating market competition while driving revenue is no walk in the park.

I’m not clear what that means. It doesn’t pass the “sitting next to someone at a bar and starting a conversation” test.

Hey Stephen,

Are these important people? Then go with “hi” or “name – blah blah”

Open to discussing if you could achieve similar results Stephen?

This is putting the pressure on him. Take the pressure/challenge yourself.


Hi Stephen,

Interested in doing something unheard of? Increasing sales whilst cutting costs with a simple tool…

Our electrical component clients like Boston Scientific, see a 29% increase in sales while cutting costs by 25% on average with our [SPECIFIC PRODUCT].

Open to discussing if we can potentially do the same for you