Will Barron
Sep 15, 2023
Will Barron Sep 15, 2023

Salesperson: “Hi Dr. X, this is just Travis Enfield here. I was wondering if you could possibly help me with something?”

I typically prefare confirming that they’re the right person to speak about the topic before announcing that essentially this is a cold sales call –

“Are you the best person to speak to about X?”

but I wanted to see if you might be open to exploring an accelerated patient assistance program that covers your patient’s medication copays.”

Start with the value –

“Not sure if you’re the right person, we’ve been given a grant from the CDC and can reduce X by Y. Is that something that you’d deal with”?

The rest of it looks great. It’d kinda hard to give feedback that deep into a call as who knows what will happen in reality.

One thing to bare in mind though, the only goal of a cold call is to generate a meeting. Don’t feel you need to explain the ins and outs of the service.

Most of the time you shouldn’t!

Get the call booked in.

RE salesperson questions –

  • Dive into the consequences of those questions. I.e. “Are you seeing increased prices?”, “what does that mean for margins/staffing/options/stress etc”