Jake Gardner
Sep 5, 2023
Jake Gardner Sep 5, 2023

In the past 6 months I have just started working from home two days a week (didn’t do it over covid or anything so this is the first time consistantly doing it).

I have found the following things have helped:

1. Break up the day into blocks of work and have them scheduled in. Just like you would for going out and meeting clients, I’ve been doing most of mine in 45 minute blocks.

2. Standing!! I have a standing desk. Getting up and standing makes a heap of difference. Not all day but certainly a few times a day. I have also found that standing when makeing calls or when on zoom/teams makes me heaps sharper then just sitting back in a chair.

3. Get a proper setup. Desk, a good chair(spend the money, don’t get a cheap one), proper monitor/s + dock, keyboard and mouse . Sitting with your laptop on you knee is not comfortable and also will not be good for your overall posture. Being uncomfortable and doing office work is no good, I hate working just on the laptop.

4. Writing down what you want to achieve in the day and crossing it out as you go. I find it strangly satisfying crossing things out.