Jake Gardner
Jul 31, 2023
Jake Gardner Jul 31, 2023

Hi Will.

Absolutly crushing it at the moment. So far

Step 1 – Sent 29 emails

Step 2 – Follow up call (called 8 so far, booked 3 meetings, 1 tentitive meeting in Q4, One contact again next year, 3x couldn’t get through)

Just building out the next step in the cadence for the ones I cannot reach on the phone (I am still going to phone ne other 21 that I have not called yet)

I am thinking another email. Should I just reply to the last email or should I send another one fresh not on the same thread – I am able to see if they have opened it, but not sure if that is 100% accurate or not.


If it is on the back of the same email, was thinking.


Hi xxxx,


Any thoughts on below?





If it was a new email was thinking something along the lines of


Hi xxx,

I just called and talked to xxxx but they said you were busy (reference what ever they said i.e. in a meeting, in class with students, etc.)

I have helped a number of other schools in the area streamline their print systems & was recenlty able to save another school 41% on their monthly print spend.

Would it make sense to jump on a call to see if you might be able to do it as well?