Dan DeBroux
Jul 28, 2023
Dan DeBroux Jul 28, 2023

Of course, people take time off over Christmas but Iā€™m interested to know if a solid pipeline solves some of the seasonality issues that most sellers face?

Hi Michelle,

You’re correct, a solid pipeline solves the seasonal issue. For 15 years, December and January were the best revenue months, because we didn’t sell in late November and December, we built a pipeline that closed in January/February. Of course a lot of deals happened in December mostly because the pipeline was sooo big. I’d also suggest that HIGH END products or services are looked at more clearly during the holidays when the people who say yes to the purchase are happier and more open to listening to opportunities. And they are looking forward to slowing down until the new year starts and they have to move faster. šŸ™‚ So I’d say go bigger, call more, and sell less, and close more, all during the holidays.

Hope this helps