Dan DeBroux
Jul 27, 2023
Dan DeBroux Jul 27, 2023

Thank you Will! I took the assessment, read the Sales book. An amazingly clear way of  learning the sales processes. I came to your site as I’m restarting to sell again, after 40 years, and your style is what I used for decades. And it allowed me a crazy high close rate, over 80%. I took the assessment, results below, and am using your information to restart my engine. I know it works, and it’s all about me jumping in takin action steps and I don’t care if I fail as it’ll just get better and better! Grateful for all you’ve shared!

A bit of my assessment. Your SalesCode type is very rare as it makes up less than 1% of the population. Nevertheless, people like you leave their mark on the world. The diplomat personality type has an inborn sense of idealism and morality but the thing that really sets them apart is that they have a tutoring trait. You are not an idle dreamer you are capable of taking concrete steps to realise your goal and make a lasting positive impact.