Will Barron
Jul 22, 2023
Will Barron Jul 22, 2023

I have started a new high level position (Sales Director) for a new start up company (EV Software Managment)

Congrats on the new role :).

I’m going to present two options. Happy to help with either one –

1) Get signed up to Salesman.com Academy today and today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday) I will jump on a call with you and do an accelerated first part of the program –

  • One-on-one consulting call – We’ll look at what the bottlenecks are, if this is a mindset issue, prep for the meeting on Monday and build your confidence back up.
  • One-on-one pipeline review – We’ll run through your pipeline, see what is actually qualified, what you should be working on (and talking about) and using our Pipeline Generation Calculator we’ll see if you need more pipeline to hit the numbers or if you need to focus on closing what is already in the pipeline.
  • Cadence review – Add your sales cadence to the Review section of the platform and I’ll tell you where you’re hitting KPI’s, where you’re missing them and the quickest fixes to get this up to speed. You can then communicate in the meeting how you’ve taken previous broken processes and fixed them.
  • I’ll give you the templates and training on how to build a 30, 60, 90 action plan. This will show that you have strategy and you’re not just failing around trying to close something.

You then have direct access to me over email and the Review part of the platform to ask follow up questions and get a prompt response.

2) If you want to go down the DIY route –

  • Formal pipeline review and run the Pipeline Coverage Generator calculation:

  • Build a slide to show deals that are “stuck”, why each one of them is stuck and how you’re going to unstick them.
  • Build a plan of action on how to generate new leads (in-case everyone other than you knows the leads in the current pipeline are bullshit) in the next 30, 60, 90 days.
  • Build a slide that shows the previous sales cadence and the conversion numbers. And then how you’re going to improve them and systematize the meeting booking process.

due to go on a family holiday on Thursday and I feel like I need to stay at home and work get a deal

Sacrificing your family time for work is dumb.

Your trip does give you a hard deadline to communicate how you are going to turn things around though.

Your leadership don’t need a deal right now. What they need is confidence (via a well communicated plan) that you’re going to close a bunch of them and start smashing the numbers soon.