Jose Gazzano
Jul 19, 2023
Jose Gazzano Jul 19, 2023

Thanks for replying Will!

Re: This is a bit of a red flag. Are you marketing to these people or selling them?

I’m selling to them, my target is software agencies in the US that need to outsource/expand their team, my agency has been working successfully for these types of clients for a couple of years now so we know there’s value in our offer.

What I meant to say with “teach them how to make their lives easier” is that before this contact they never heard about me before, and they are probably aware of other outsourcing options that excel at offering really low costs instead of producing quality results and being actual partners, which is where I step into and so I need to do some work about making them aware of this difference.

Re: Skipping the calls

Being in Latin America makes it more difficult to just do a phone call to someone in the US, and truth be told, I 100% feel I would flunk them so I rather go into my usual path of emailing and video calls.

Thinking about the buyer’s perspective, and me being sort of the target I try to reach, I definitely wouldn’t want a phone call. However, I do feel like I’d be missing the power of nudging that a phone call has. Is there any alternative as powerful as this?