Will Barron
Jul 14, 2023
Will Barron Jul 14, 2023

OK couple of things –

  • Plenty of people have been on a PIP whilst in the program and come out of the other side just fine.
  • You need to work out if (A) this is down to your performance, (B) if they generally want to reduce headcount or (C) they want to let you go specifically.
  • During your meeting on Monday you need to get the specifics that you need to hit to keep the role forwarded to you in an email. i.e. the “terms of your PIP” – If you do X, the PIP is removed. They have to give you what you need to do to keep the role. Its your job to negotiate them to be measurable, non-ambiguous and achievable.

Are there any immediate things I should be doing to myself out of danger as quickly as possible? Would love any advice!

I would sit down, look at your pipeline and be really honest about where you are at. Are you going to hit your number?

If not, is there any low hanging fruit that you can ATTACK to get it over the line in the next 8 weeks?

Is there anyone where perhaps an in-person visit could speed things up (I don’t think we’ve talked about in-person meetings previously)?

Two final things –

  • Ask yourself, is this job is worth fighting for? 8-weeks is long enough to find another role, interview, get the job and then resign before facing any consequences. This would not be defeatist if the company is trying to downsize and you’re in the firing line, it would be strategic. The only issue with this is that your focus is spread in job hunting and winning business which means one of which will suffer.
  • Obviously happy to jump on a one-on-one call with you next week if you want to talk things through. We’re all here to get you through this.