Will Barron
Jul 14, 2023
Will Barron Jul 14, 2023

Hey Layne, you’re on the right tracks!

Here are a couple of thoughts –

  • Try and make the emails as short as possible. Anything that doesn’t need to be there should be removed.
  • Don’t share too much. You want to build curiosity so that there’s a reason to book a call.
  • You’ve added a light layer of personalisation (which is great). Is there a deeper level you can add?
  • The call to action should be a question (end in an ?) rather than a semi question/statement.
  • Sometimes being a little softer comes across as less “salesly” and so converts better (see email 2 below).

Here’s how I’d perhaps rewrite them –


Hi [NAME],

I see you are offering [SPECIFIC TYPE] Botox. 

[DR NAME] offered this service but wanted to increase revenue whilst reducing their time in the office.

After discussing our platform – the use for therapeutics with TMD and Facial Aesthetics and delegation to assistants – they made got started.

With the right technology and coaching, their practice grew significantly.

Would it make sense to jump on a quick call to see if we can help your practice grow, too?

Best wishes,




Hi [NAME],

I noticed you attended [SPECIFIC CONFERENCE].

Are you looking for the next step in growing your Dental Spa?

I might be able to share how to improve revenue, whilst remaining off site, with Open House assistance via a new service. 

If I’m straight with whether we can help (or not) would it make sense to jump on a quick call?

Best Wishes,