Will Barron
Jul 14, 2023
Will Barron Jul 14, 2023

I’m new to the community and love the content so far.

Glad you’re enjoying it :).

I am really good with people so I have been able to get deals done but I feel it has been to luck based.

Sounds familiar…

Wondering if I should be honest and say I am an OK seller and hire someone who is good OR if I should train myself to become better at what I am not good at.

If you can fit it in time wise, it’s always wise for a founder to build the sales process before they hire others.

Nobody will care about your business and success more than you.

Nobody will understand the value that you offer better than you.

It’s unlikely you’re going to hire anyone who has more experience in your space than you currently do.

Once you identify your value proposition, build a cadence (the meeting generation machine) and understand how to influence your buyers to a close, you can hire people to implement your process.

Then your sales team can scale rapidly because they’re following a process that works, rather than trying to invent one from scratch each time.

The Selling Made Simple book has all the training you need –

Selling Made Simple – Book

If you want to accelerate the process then join Salesman.com Academy. It’s much cheaper and more reliable than hiring a tenured VP sales to build out your sales process on your behalf.