Will Barron
Jul 4, 2023
Will Barron Jul 4, 2023

“Our integrated employment, housing, and crowdfunding service helps housing directors, who want to prevent and relieve homelessness, by rapidly improving staff capacity and reducing temporary accommodation pressure, unlike traditional services which are fragmented”

Can you simplify this further?

“We help housing directors relieve homelessness by rapidly improving staff capacity.”

I know it feels like you want to explain all the elements of the service but remember that your value prop is purely designed to book the meeting.

Once you have the meeting in the diary you can expand on everything that you do and really get to the bottom of the prospects needs.

But your value prop needs to be simple enough that one housing director can explain to to another, without either of them getting confused.

The bit I’m struggling with is the “Unlike competitors value prop”.. the competition is the customer themselves doing it in-house rather than us having any real like-for-like competitors (we do but you would need to get 3/4 companies to do what we do as 1 package). I thought it was better to avoid putting the council (which is the customer) under the “unlike” section.

I think you’re right, you don’t want to slag off their internal teams.

Could you do –

“Unlike the traditional way of dealing with the problem that requires hiring 4 different companies and lots of time wasted managing them.”