Will Barron
Jun 28, 2023
Will Barron Jun 28, 2023

Hey Liam, how many emails have been sent and how many calls have been made?

I think the key thing here is your initial hook. This isn’t very strong –

“Noticed your team has logged many cases into their Salesforce Account. is there anything in specific giving you trouble?”

You need to explain “why now”-

“There has been X shift in your market since you signed up.

Would I make sense if I showed you how to use Salesforce to take advantage of that?”

Think about what trigger events could have happened? –

  • Change of staff since sign up? = Refresher meeting/training, new priorities etc.
  • Change of company direction? = Updating Salesforce funnels, marketing tools etc.
  • Bad experiences? = Can they stop using additional products and streamline with Salesforce etc

This is the key thing to think about –