Will Barron
Jun 23, 2023
Will Barron Jun 23, 2023

She is having a very difficult time talking to anyone who could possibly say Yes to her. She’s getting voicemail, she’s getting no response to email and she’s getting receptionists who’re happy to take a message and pass it on.

Is her value prop/messaging different to other people on your team?

To book a meeting there are only three variables –

So she’s either reaching out to the wrong people, sharing the wrong message or the timing is off.

I’ve considered that it could be a messaging problem, but this rep isn’t getting a chance to deliver our message. So… what do we do now?

Is the message not being delivered via email and voicemail?

One of our students shared an interesting way of beating the gatekeeper on a group coaching call yesterday. Ask –

“Is X floating about?”

Said super casually, as in this is an internal call from a colleague rather than an external sales call. No introduction, just the question.

Might be worth a try.