Will Barron
Jun 14, 2023
Will Barron Jun 14, 2023

Hey Travis, I’ve moved your post over to the Asset Review section.

Some pointers –

  • Email is way too long and has too many angles of content. Break it up into multiple, smaller emails.
  • CTA sucks. If you’re emailing someone important, what are the chances they’re available at that time slot?
  • No personalisation. It comes across as a mass marketing email.

Try this –

Hi [NAME],

I spoke to [END USER] and they’re interested in using Generative AI in their development.

I’m connecting with software engineers across General Dynamics to help them build new products & experiences to drive 2023 business results.

There’s a couple of [JOB TITLE] who got a lot of value from a revenue Gartner sample resource.

Would it be useful for me to fire it over?