Jun 13, 2023
Travis Jun 13, 2023

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Hi Bruce,
Gartner’s latest study found that 52% of IT Leaders expect their organization to use Generative AI to build software.

We understand that software engineering is undergoing a massive change in response to Gen AI and tech like ChatGPT.

And leaders across General Dynamics are asking Gartner to help them understand the opportunities and risks of LLM and generative AI technology.

It’s in times like these that your fellow engineers have leaned on Gartner’s outside in perspective to:
validate your strategy/approach based on objective, data-backed insights
Identify and prepare for opportunities to expedite testing and delivery
Understand trends and technologies that affect your work, your product and potentially your livelihood

We are connecting with software engineers across General Dynamics for a discussion on building & delivering new digital products & experiences to drive business results for your 2023 mission objectives.

Are you free for a call this Friday the 16th between 9 and 10am? What’s a good time for you if not?

To help provide context on how we can support, I’ve included Sample Resources Below (viewable via smartlinks to protect Gartner’s IP)
Software Engineering Practices Primer for 2023
Emerging Tech Impact Radar: 2023


Travis Enfield