Will Barron
Jun 8, 2023
Will Barron Jun 8, 2023

I think this is just general objection handling. That is covered in the SalesCode book and in more detail in the Salesman.com Academy PRO training –

But here are some quick thoughts –

“Oh we dont reeally have a person here that deals wiht that …”

“Ah, so X is not a priority for the team then?”

“Yes it’s a priority”

“Who is on the line if it fails?”

” he is in a meeting…”

“No worries, should I call back in 20 mins?”

“can you let me know what its convcerning and ill find out for you… “

“Sure, we believe there is a significant problem with X. Would it make sense we if book in a quick call [with the real decision maker] so I can see if that is the case?”