Jun 7, 2023

Hi Will,

thanks for the reply… the below is my basic template that i try to stick to when calling clients… just trying to get into flow with it all

<u>CONFIRM </u>

“Hi  – my names Patrick, we’ve not spoken before, just wondering if you could help…

“I’m looking to speak with the person there that deals with your logistics and the shipping – are you able to put me through to them? “

<u>BREAK </u>

Ask them how they’re currently solving the problem that your product solves.

OK great, how are you going about shipping your pieces right now? Are you going out to different shippers or do you have a regular one?

– already using a competitor- we already have something set up;

Ok – understood – And how is that shipper working for you right now?

(*…then pause and shut up. Donʼt say anything. And lean into the silence).

<u>VALUE </u>

OK so I help a lot of interior designers, fine art galleries and antique dealers sort out fast secure white glove shipping around the world.