Travis Foster
Jun 1, 2023
Travis Foster Jun 1, 2023

It’s required by law (at least for commercial boilers) to get opened and cleaned as often as once a year. There is a ton of maintenance that also arises, so just about everyone has a supplier. Most companies go with the best price, and others go with the company that gets the best service. I took over in mid-February from a long-time Account Manager who stopped communicating with smaller customers and only focused on his top-grossing customers. This has caused a lot of damage to the point where some customers don’t even want us on site anymore. I come from a Customer Service background so making the customer feel appreciated and important is baked into me. I guess I’m sort of all over the place being new to this position and being left with somewhat of a mess.

Our fiscal year ended yesterday, and I actually did pretty well in a short amount of time. “Pretty well” isn’t good enough for me, though. I downloaded both of your books and plan to read them (twice thanks to Jeff’s advice.) My assessment score was 46% with Sales Skills @ 40%, Beliefs @ 60%, and Actions at 40%.


Thanks for your response!