Will Barron
Jun 1, 2023
Will Barron Jun 1, 2023

I think where we’re losing them is in the voicemail.

Your buyers are indifferent to your voicemails. You’re not losing them there.

Therefore, they say “everything’s fine” to defend their prior choices or they don’t believe you when you tell them there’s a better way.

Then you need to increase your levels of trust or reduce the risk of doing business with you –

If we get them on the phone, we can ask them 3 – 7 questions that will almost instantly reveal where they’re being under-served or over-priced.

So the issue isn’t with a voicemail, it’s with the entire process of booking a call.

You need to change up your messaging –

Pitch a free consultation to “make sure you’re getting a good deal with your current supplier” then ask your questions and do a competitor takeover.