Jeff Graber
May 31, 2023
Jeff Graber May 31, 2023

I think where we’re losing them is in the voicemail. Because they are not aware of a problem, they are not aware of pain. They assume that they know how our industry works, why it sucks and that there’s nothing they can do about it. Therefore, they say “everything’s fine” to defend their prior choices or they don’t believe you when you tell them there’s a better way.

If we get them on the phone, we can ask them 3 – 7 questions that will almost instantly reveal where they’re being under-served or over-priced. But we can’t ask that on a voicemail.

Unfortunately, I can’t make guarantees for the same reason that a mortgage broker can’t guarantee that you’ll be accepted for a mortgage – until they have all your details, they don’t know exactly what they can offer you and by that time, the client is already sold anyway.