Will Barron
May 31, 2023
Will Barron May 31, 2023

I think you might be mixing up two issues here.

  1. Are your prospects unreachable?
  2. Or do they not respond to your messaging?

If it’s the second case, then I’d recommend reframing the point of your outreach with your sales team.

The only reason to do cold outreach is to book a meeting. Most sellers try and sell with their cold outreach, this is not effective.

For someone to book a meeting you need to have the right message, right person, right time.

Timing is difficult to control. You can improve the odds by leveraging trigger events but that doesn’t scale very well.

So, if you focus on the message and person, what single message, repeated in different ways would encourage a prospect to book a call?

No response message –

We help salespeople find and close more sales using step-by-step frameworks and group coaching. Want to chat?

50%+ reply rate message –

We guarantee your team will find and close more deals in the next 30 days or your money back. Want to chat?

With every iteration of your message ask yourself – “If I was the buyer, would I give a shit?” If not, then go a layer deeper until you’d respond.