Flyn Penoyer
May 30, 2023
Flyn Penoyer May 30, 2023

The fist thing I try to do coming into a new group is make a difference…

Here’s an example.

When took over inside sales at Logitech in ’84 I found out quickly that the group was struggling to sell multiple units even to resellers.

At the beginning of week 2 I took a reseller call – hardly knew a thing about the product, but to the amazement of my team who were now all listening I sold him 15 units. They begged HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

I took my simple call strategy and put it in a script, trained them on its use, and let them loose.

They immediately went from struggling to sell nearly anything to selling multiple unit orders on nearly every call 10, 20, 30 units.

I gave them something that made them more successful immediately. It made me a full fledged leader instantly.

They now did everything I suggested and the group rocketed growing hundreds of percent in 7 months.

I suggest you watch and investigate, find a way to make a real and immediate difference in their selling lives (nothing is excluded here, just make a difference) — then, just empower them to the point it’s impossible to fail.

And you will be the great leader you hoped to be.