Michelle Dixon
May 30, 2023
Michelle Dixon May 30, 2023

Michelle, brilliant to hear. Mortgage is the friend that just won’t leave me alone, lol what was your aaaha moment when you realised you could do this?

how does it feel?

what will you do to ensure you sustain this for the next 12-24 mths?

would be great to hear – thanks in advance

I know Avtar 🤭. We’ve moved houses a couple of times and each time I was determined it would be the last as I hated seeing the mortgage go up!

I’m still not technically mortgage free as there’s some limits on how fast I can pay it down. But the cash is sat there ready to pay the last chunk in November.

It feels flipping fantastic though! 💖

To sustain my performance I can only do, what I have been doing and that is the same consistent action each day.

I don’t know how to embed an image but the chart Will posted in another thread today sums up my approach to sales.

I don’t trust myself

24-months from now though I’ve no idea what I’ll have to change to keep on top of things. I’m sure something in my space will have shifted by that point.