Abhijeet Sarkar
May 30, 2023
Abhijeet Sarkar May 30, 2023

No worries, thanks for the response.

The meeting was a pretty lacklustre. It was with the Director of Finance. He couldn’t articulate a clear need (apart from “general business efficiency”). No specific timelines / deadlines or motivation for change. Couldn’t articulate what he envisioned the bright / bold future to look like. No authority to sign or clarity on whether the C-Suite had a need for this. No major blockers. He admitted he’d recently solved his problem for a portion of what we do. I’m not exactly sure why this guy took the call… I think he’s bored in his job and needed a midday distraction. He asked me to follow-up mid-June. Not sure what I’m supposed to follow-up about.

So I’ve disqualified him for now. I’m open to any other thoughts on where to take it from here.